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Supporting the Rail industry

Stahl Recruiting has been providing an efficient and effective recruiting experience to job-seekers and employers in the railway space since 2014. We know that a resume is important, but it’s also just a piece of paper. Our job as consultants is to understand the needs of the employers and job seekers to help bring together the perfect match in expertise, skill and personality.

So whether you are a local organization, growing your team, or an international firm developing your business in the United States, we can help!  Working with private equity firms, with a foothold in the rail arena, we can help with strategic mergers and acquisition staffing, too.

Our Expertise

Freight & Transit Arenas

Our team brings over 25+ years combined experience recruiting solely in the transportation and infrastructure arena.  Keeping honesty, integrity and ethics in focus, we conduct our business strategically with a shared goal, to keep America moving on rail! 

Focused on the rail industry – inclusive of railways, shippers and industry suppliers – we have the specific industry insight and relationships to recruit senior executives and board members to drive long-term growth and success of your organization.  Let us help you drive your

success today.

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Rolling Stock




Railway Tracks



Strategic planning involves many parts. Talent acquisition should be part of that plan. Many organizations claim "great culture or family atmosphere." Remember, it is nothing without people. Attracting top talent is key. 

We are your strategic growth partner.

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