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Recognizing the need for a consultative, professional and ethical approach to recruitment in the rail industry, Andrew J. Stahl formed this agency to make an individualized, positive mark within the transportation sector.

Confidentiality is paramount.  And we are committed to your privacy.  Respect and honesty is of the upmost importance, so we see our partnership with our candidates as one of integrity and character, just as we do our clients.


  • Who pays the fee?

    • Candidates are not required to pay any fees.  Our fees are paid by our client companies who rely on us to bring them top-shelf talent!

  • Can you help with my resume?

    • Certainly.  Prices vary, contact us.

  • What types of roles do you place?

  • Do you have a Referral Program?

  • What privacy precautions do you take?

    • We value your privacy and always strive to to protect all parties involved.  We are "headhunters" so we will not blast your resume out.  ​

Andrew Stahl Executive Recruiters, LLC

is an Equal Opportunity firm.

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Contact us at info@stahlrecruiting.com with your resume.  Someone from our team will contact you to schedule a call.


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