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Andrew Stahl

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Growing-up on a small farm outside Springfield, Oregon, Andrew started college on a violin performance scholarship. Later gravitating to economics, he earned B.S. (with honors) and later a master's degree from the University of Oregon. As a graduate student, Andrew studied rail industry issues concerning market power effects, merger synergies, captured shipper rates, and marginal cost estimations of individual rail movements. His thesis consisted of an operational, funding and demand analysis of Amtrak. 

Moving to California post-graduate school, he oversaw the development and structuring of financial derivative contracts for a start-up online exchange. Later work called for a move to Chicago, hub of the futures and options business.  Keen to enter the rail industry, Andrew became an Executive Recruiter.  Once learning the trade, Andrew formed his own agency to make an individualized, positive mark within our growing transportation industry.

Having also worked for a time in the auto industry, Andrew maintains a continued draw to all things automotive, with particular passions for racing, auto restoration and road trips. Other interests include music, film, military history, motorcycles and causes supporting those in need.

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