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"What do you do?"

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

“What do you do?” Seems like such a benign question, yet it is a loaded one. You hear it at networking events, conferences and even family gatherings. We remind ourselves that our title is not necessarily who we are; we are much more. We are more than just the job, even when the job seems to encompass a large quantity of our time.

Sometimes, we simply get lost in the minutia. Working from home, it all blends together. I am at work, but yet I'm making dinner or loading the dryer.

Not sure what people expect when they call us, but I know we will listen. And ask questions. Some questions may seem irrelevant, but are thought-provoking and push you to think beyond the resume. More importantly, we will be there, even if we can’t help immediately.

The job market is challenging and impacting sectors differently. Tensions are high in our society and yes, the pandemic continues on. While #InThisTogether, each one of us is experiencing this time very differently. There is no cookie-cutter answer to our problems. There is so much change taking place, impacting businesses and people.

Recruiting is pivoting and trends are emerging. What we do next will determine so much. The situation is very fluid. But at the end of the day, we are in the people business and we will always be around. No one really has all the answers, but we can monitor, learn and move forward together.

“What do you do?” I usually end up answering the question with a question! Or simply stating, “I ask myself that question all the time!” It depends on the day and time, really. Not being evasive, just simply straight-forward and honest. ‘Headhunter’ is an easy title to attach, however, it isn’t who I am. I love to volunteer, but finding time is tricky. Liking a challenge, I took the school board seat for the next three years! YIKES!

While not from the selfie generation, mine are usually not well-positioned or complementary; that’s OK. I remember my first flip phone, but still appreciate my new smart phone. Likewise, I still enjoy classic rock but will singalong to Dua Lipa to embarrass my kids. Kids, that is another story, entirely! Next time.

No sales pitch here, just us! Stay safe.

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